Christal Barquero, Owner

When Christal filled a position as a secretary for an Oakland construction firm, she figured it would just be another job, but it actually led to a lifelong career. “I’m one of those people who never knew what they wanted to be when they grew up,” she recounts. “I worked as a bank teller for a while and also did a stint working for the Department of Fish and Wildlife. When I got hired as a secretary for a contracting firm, I didn’t know anything about construction, but I was fascinated by it. Over time, I got a sense of how things worked, started asking questions and really immersed myself in the industry. Eventually, I took on a bigger role at the firm and became a project manager.”

While she’d traveled a long way up the proverbial ladder at the firm, Christal’s professional journey was far from over. “One of my responsibilities was doing accounting and payroll. In doing this work, I found there were a lot of subcontractors who were great at their craft but struggled with the administrative requirements. So, I started assisting our subcontractors with their payroll and compliance needs. That turned into a side business, and things really took off from there. In 2019, the owner of SLB Business Management was getting ready to retire, so I bought the company and merged it with mine. Today, we offer an all-encompassing range of business management and administration services.”

As owner of SLB Business Management – PW Compliance, Christal says her favorite part of her job is helping contractors get paid. “Just the other day, I received an email from a contractor about an invoice that had been outstanding for months. I sent some correspondence on their behalf and they received payment soon after. These contractors work really hard, so helping them get paid and closing out their projects on a positive note is very rewarding for me.”

A resident of Rohnert Park (where she lives with her husband, Gavin, and their two daughters), Christal spends her time outside of work on a variety of pastimes. “We have kind of a mini farm with four dogs, two birds and a horse, so I enjoy horseback riding and spending time with the animals,” she details. “I’m also plugged in with Girl Scouts and PTA. As a mother of two daughters, I’m passionate about working with organizations that empower young girls in our community.” Additionally, Christal enjoys unearthing the North Bay Area’s best-kept secrets. “I head up a group called Adventures and Hidden Treasures. For each meeting, we pick a local area or town and explore it to find all the little treasures it has to offer.”

In regard to a professional philosophy, Christal believes the work she does, while important, is part of something even greater. “My company’s job is to help contractors maintain compliance and submit all the documentation needed for them to get paid. However, I believe the efforts we put forth go toward the greater mission of serving our community. Contractors build our cities and towns, so by assisting them, we’re participating in that process. Whether it’s a family getting to move into a new home or a child getting to attend a new school, we share in that accomplishment, which is something I’m very proud of.”

When asked what she’d do if she were to retire tomorrow, Christal says she would continue to serve her community on a volunteer basis. “Honestly, I don’t think I’ll ever retire—I enjoy service and being of value to my clients. But if I did, I would probably do a lot of volunteer work and continue supporting my community in other ways. I would most likely get involved in mentorship. The mentors we have as we’re growing in business are so valuable, so it would be really rewarding to serve others in that way.”


SLB Business Management (“SLB”) is an accounts receivable management firm, different from any other. We provide a complete, full service, credit department to material suppliers, subcontractors and general contractors to either compliment their current staff or provide services to those who do not wish to staff their own.

From preliminary notices, to billing, to accounts receivable follow up, we are here to support your team and help get you paid.

In order to protect lien rights on a property, California Law requires that Preliminary Notices be delivered within 20 days from delivery / work on site. The low cost of a preliminary notice, provides recourse that helps clients get paid. This sense of relief and peace of mind is priceless.

Monthly Billings can be daunting for contractors who would rather be in the field. We are happy to prepare and submit monthly project billings and releases.

Constant follow up on billings can be exhausting. Let us follow up with your clients and help make sure all documents are in so you get paid.

At the end of the day, when a client hires a contractor to do the work, the contractor does the work. The client utilizes the products and services and in return the contractor should promptly be paid. When documents and correspondence flows smoothly and when all parties are paid and satisfied … we call this a Team that Wins.


PW Compliance (“PWC”) was established with a sole purpose to support construction companies in the department of labor compliance. We confidently manage this important role through experience and understanding that extends over two decades. Our ultimate goal is to promote the success of our clients business.

Because we pride ourselves with the vast knowledge of prevailing wage requirements on Public Works projects, we regularly review present law to make sure our knowledge base is current and accurate. Attention to detail, strive for perfection, and a passionate heart to help individuals succeed, with ease and understanding, is our focus.

Key components that launched PW Compliance comprise of integrity, compassion, faith, respect and success. As the Owner of this company, I expressively believe that when we pour our complete efforts in to our profession, serve our clients with uncommon compassion and respect, our product will reflect nothing less than collective triumph. We stand behind our service, because serving our clients is our business.

There are certainly other companies that offer similar services. The difference between others and PW Compliance is the character of what we stand for. Quality service that includes personal attention, trustworthiness, continued follow up, security of documents and assuring finalization of projects with a sense of accuracy, are just a few of our key action points. Our rates are competitive and because we operate as an independent contractor, the need for employment taxes and benefits are eliminated. Reports are compiled and logs are created to easily control the management of prevailing wage on your public works project. We meet with our clients personally and can be contacted anytime via telephone or email.

We have a common goal to complete projects on time, accurately and efficiently. Partnering with PW Compliance is the solution to obtain that goal.


In 2019 SLB and PWC united and became SLB Business Management – PW Compliance. Our company supports our clients from the beginning to the end of projects. We are proud to team up with the great contractors of California. Construction is a key ingredient to the success of businesses, education, health care and homes … without the buildings, life in them couldn’t exist. So together we are changing the world, one building at a time. Thank you for the opportunity and honor to partner with you and serve your team.


We’re here to help offload the administrative headaches of running your day to day business. Find out what we can do to free up your valuable time so you can focus on what you do best!